eatin' green & feelin' great!

This is a blog documenting my journey to Veganism. It is a place for support and inspiration, as well as a way to keep myself motivated. Here you will find daily meal pictures, recipes, and sometimes product reviews/tutorials.

lunchbox: crispy pan-fried tofu + garlic sautéed green beans with pad thai noodles in soy sauce and sesame oil

juice with blackberries, apples, cuties, strawberries, and a carrot

lunch: pad thai noodles with broccoli, sautéed in sesame oil and soy sauce

breakfast: fruity pancakes

juice with apples, plums, strawberries, blueberries, and some cuties (not pictured) i threw in at the end

artichokes all day, everyday 

snack: homemade artichoke pâté on warm french bread

juice: orange, apple, strawberry

breakfast: strawberry pancakes with blueberry maple syrup

lunch: ramen with fresh broccoli and tofu

dinner/favorite meal: edamame + veggie dumplings

packed lunch: baked + marinated tofu over rice with sriracha and soyaki, strawberries, carrots + cucumbers + ranch, speculoos cookies, banana chips, pretzel nugs

breakfast: oatmeal with pb + banana, onion bagel with earth balance + avocado + garlic salt

packed lunch: homemade hummus + celery + carrots + cucumbers + pita chips, pineapple, pretzels + banana chips with pb + cookie butter, blood orange san pell

dinner: juice with pineapple, oranges, and apples